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School in ONE was started in February 2020, our team here at HTM Complete is passionate about teaching students to be aware of sustainability, economical efficiency, food production, and giving students interest in rural careers. Our vision is to see School in ONE in all schools across Australia, students will have subject knowledge in science, IT, agronomy, geography, mathematics, coding, and robotics. The impact that School in ONE will have on future generations is helping reduce costs and environmental impacts while increasing yields, and saving water through controlled automation and data analysis to minimise unnecessary water usage.

The Science-based agricultural careers that can comSchool_in_ONE_Logo_Dark_BG.pnge from School in ONE are Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Biochemistry, Data Science, Agronomy, Geography, and Meteorology. The English and IT-based agricultural careers that can come from School in ONE are Drone Operator, Robotics Specialist, Sensor Specialist, Automation Specialist, Programer, Compliance Officer's, Environmental Impact Specialists, and Quality Assurance Analysts. The Math-based agricultural careers that can come from School in ONE are Farm Manager, Agronomist, Data Analyst, Agricultural Lender, Field Technician, Accountant, Machinery Operator, and Engineer. 

School in ONE is an agricultural-based active learning module for schools that addresses the fourth industrial revolution in agriculture which is called the Smart Farming Revolution, teaching future generations the importance of using technology in current farming practices. The interactive program allows the use of different future job skill sets and potential career paths to manage a farm. The farm simulation allows students to see the extensive range of potential career paths behind managing a farm. 

With the increasing world population, the need for more advanced agriculture has never been more important. 

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