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HTM Complete provides a unique automation system allowing us to design specialised fertigation control customised to our client’s requirements. Matching crop water demand and nutrition movement through the soil profile are vital. Our systems allow you to apply the correct amount of fertiliser in each irrigation block, maximising the returns from expenditure on fertiliser. 
Our fertigation automation can be used for all types of liquid or soluble fertiliser system (portable, premixed 1000-liter fertiliser ‘shuttles’, or tanks of any size). Fertiliser inputs are individually controlled, and precise volumes are injected into the irrigation system mainline. Multiple fertilisers can be injected at one time if desired. The system allows users to track the amount of fertiliser used, how much is left in the tanks and current fertigation flow rates etc. This information is provided both onsite via a touchscreen display panel and through a direct link to a computer, tablet, or mobile device allowing users to monitor fertigation while on the go.

Key elements of Fertigation Automation:

  • Can be used for multiple applications such as portable, premixed shuttles or tanks.
  • Multiple liquid/soluble fertiliser products can be individually controlled and injected into the irrigation mainline.
  • Track fertiliser usage, current flow rates, and tank volumes.
  • Information is provided on-site via a touch-screen or remotely to a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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