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HTM Complete

HTM Complete offers solutions for advancing total farm management in the form of packages which range from monitoring devices, irrigation automation, drone aerial mapping, spray scheduling through to general farm tasks.

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What We Do

Advanced Farming Management icon - tractor in gear

Advancing Farm Management

Total control in daily farm to farm operations via the touch of a button.

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Combining crop monitoring with irrigation

By measuring and recording data you can gain control over your irrigation schedule resulting in improved crop efficiency and profit.

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Irrigation Automation

Devices that don’t just turn systems on and off but allow the customer to monitor, control and change systems where needed.

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Active Profile Monitoring

Integration of surveillance, mapping, and networking.

Core Values

Htm Complete Farm Management Tools corel values

Our team takes pride in giving our customers the best agronomy support, technical support, and backup service with experts out-sourced on demand. We maintain the highest possible standards and conduct all activities in a sustainable manner.

Our experienced consultants spend time to understand your requirements by conducting a detailed farm assessment to make sure that you will get the best possible return on your investment.


Member of Irrigation Australia 15 years experience of farm management Most Useful Products

Core Features

Htm Complete Farm Management Tools

HTM Complete specialise in providing custom design systems for complete farm management. We offer a range of services including overall farm consulting, flight services, full automation, GPS, and Wi-Fi (internal networking), 3D mapping, and surveillance.

Company History

HTM Complete has 15 years and over of experience in farm management, monitoring over 30 different crop types, and working with most irrigation systems.

We have run a number of workshops and seminars, both nationally and internationally, and have worked with multiple companies providing a wide range of high-quality products.

HTM Complete creates custom-designed fertigation control systems connected to the latest 8” touch screen panels.

Advanced Farm Management 

We are big enough to do the job and small enough to care

Fabian Gallo

Fabian is a specialist in irrigation agronomy with 15 years’ experience within the industry and 25years experience in farming. He oversees all aspects of the company providing leadership for new feature project developments and growth of HTM Complete. He offers consulting advice services to help clients solve their challenging farm management matters. Fabian works in with other key advisors from a diverse range of companies in order to build a team of experts who can contribute to all aspects of Advancing Farm Management.

Fabian Gallo

Principal Director/ Project Manager

Karen Gallo

Karen’s role within HTM Complete provides the team with not just admin daily duty but the all-round support this incl. sales market and she helps maintain a smooth-running of the office within the business.

Karen Gallo

Administration Manager

Stefanie Huegli

Stefanie’s in-depth knowledge of electronic devices used in farm management allows her to serve her clients with a high level of professionalism and integrity. Her clients continually benefit from her broad industry experience ensuring they are kept well informed of the entire process. Alongside this Stef manages the finances and HTM business development program. She offers leadership and daily support to the entire HTM team.

Stefanie Huegli

Operational Manager

James Afford

James has 26 years of experience in irrigation automation, specialising in designing electronic devices in communication, control and developing software programs. He provides all our clients and the HTM team with daily tech support and expert knowledge in custom designed solutions.

James Afford

Senior IT Program Manager

Richard Hopkinson

Richard has 8 years of experience in aerial mapping and drone flight services. He provides clients with professional knowledge and industry experience. He is skilled in drone design and construction and is a licenced Flight service UAV operator.

Richard Hopkinson

Senior Aerial Mapping Advisor

Melisa Baldwin

Mel is our newest member of the team providing technical support and field services to clients. Part of her job role is to perform tests and repairs on electrical devices, assisting other team members on selected projects and provide excellent customer service.

Melisa Baldwin


Danielle Noah

Danielle has recently joined the HTM team and has provided assistance in multiple areas. Her role involves collecting and reviewing research, assisting with analysed data. Danielle’s background in communication and media allows her to assist in company’s up and coming features.

Danielle Noah

Research and Development

Eugene Kerner

Eugene is a software engineer with 25 years experience, specialising in web, app, and product development, with personal interests in intelligence and sustainability.

Eugene Kerner

Development House Chief Technical Officer

Colin Watts

Colin has 35 years IT experience specialising in software development, project management, software life-cycle management, and data representation.

Colin Watts

Development House Senior IT Program Manager

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