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When referring to ‘telemetry’ we typically mean a radio transmitter that can wirelessly communicate and transfer data from one device to another. Here at HTM Complete, we improve time management using a radio transmitter to expand your on-farm networking.
Having radios onsite allows for data transmission through solar panel towers, which provides communication between valves, monitoring sensors, and pumps. The collected information can then be analysed and used to control irrigation devices, improving the management of chemical spraying and crop harvesting, etc. The use of Wi-Fi allows us to provide instant data resulting in an internal network onsite and the ability to expand the internet to a much greater scale. By linking the Wi-Fi to radios we can utilise security resources, such as multiple surveillance cameras, in order to observe several areas simultaneously.
With the use of telemetry, you can take control of your irrigation management through automation and monitoring. This allows irrigators to have full control via the farm management system at anytime and anywhere in the world from the ease of a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. A dedicated PC is used as a central control system which is connected through radio telemetry to your onsite devices. You will be provided with an easy to understand map of your property where you can view data records and current status updates of components such as probes, valves, sensors, pumps, etc.

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