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HTM Complete

HTM Complete offers solutions for advancing total farm management in the form of packages that range from monitoring devices, irrigation automation, drone aerial mapping, spray scheduling through to general farm tasks.

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What We Specialise In

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Irrigaiton Automation

Control all irrigation systems, precise water and nutrient control, Wi-Fi, and remote access.

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Customised IoT Hardware

Complete control of automated proprietary irrigation and other systems.

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Software Developer

Customised software integration in irrigation, fertigation, and farm management 

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Distributors of IoT Automation & Monitoring

QLD distributors for WiSA, Enviropro, Sentek, Leader Systems, Davis Weather Instruments, ICT International, Outpost Central, and many more. 

What We Provide In Irrigation Farm Management

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Advancing Farm Management

Total control in daily farm to farm operations via the touch of a button.

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Combining crop monitoring with irrigation

By measuring and recording data you can gain control over your irrigation schedule resulting in improved crop efficiency and profit.

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Control & Monitor Irrigation

Devices that don’t just turn systems on and off but allow the customer to monitor, control, and change systems where needed.

Active Profiel Monitoring

Integration of surveillance, mapping, and networking. 

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Core Values

HTM Complete Farm Management

Our team takes pride in giving our customers the best agronomy support, technical support, and backup service with experts outsourced on demand. We maintain the highest possible standards and sustainably conduct all activities.

Our experienced consultants spend time to understand your requirements by conducting a detailed farm assessment to make sure that you will get the best possible return on your investment.


Member of Irrigation Australia 15 years experience of farm management Most Useful Products

Core Features

Htm Complete Farm Management Tools

HTM Complete specialise in providing custom design systems for complete farm management. We offer a range of services including overall farm consulting, flight services, full automation, GPS, and Wi-Fi (internal networking), 3D mapping, and surveillance.

Company History

HTM Complete Farm Management

HTM Complete has 15 plus years of experience in farm management, monitoring over 30 different crop types, and working with most irrigation systems.

We have run several workshops and seminars, both nationally and internationally, and have worked with multiple companies providing a wide range of high-quality products.

HTM Complete creates custom-designed pivots, pumps, fertigation, and control systems connected to the latest 8-12" touch screen panels.

HTM Complete latest product Farm in ONE

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