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Good irrigation practice is dependent on how much water plants require and how to apply it efficiently therefore monitoring is vital as it offers insight into the interactivity between plant, water, soil and the atmosphere. In turn, this has an impact on crop yield and quality resulting in profitability. The less “Readily Available Water” (RAW) a soil holds, the more frequently it needs irrigation. Monitoring soil moisture provides you with one more tool to help predict when the readily available water is running out in order to schedule irrigation accordingly. Different plants require specific soil moisture conditions for optimal growth therefore monitoring is crucial as insufficient or over irrigation can have severe consequences on crop yield and quality.

Using tools such as soil moisture probes, weather sensors and plant sensors allows us to monitor and manage irrigation to the best ability. HTM Complete provides the latest technology, not to replace an irrigator's experience but to complement and work alongside it to add value in measuring what a crop really requires. HTM Complete uses soil moisture monitoring products from Entelechy, Sentek, Phytech, Jetfill, Aquaflex and eBee Droning.  

Key elements of Monitoring:

  • See your field sensor outputs in real-time.
  • Make informed decisions with weather and soil data at your finger tips.
  • Maximise yield and optimise input costs.
  • Minimise plant stress and reduce fruit or flower drop.
  • Fertilise at optimum times.
  • Add notes to graphs at critical stages in crop development.


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