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Office Movement and Expansion

2016 has been a big year for HydroTech Monitoring with multiple new jobs, a brand new website and a forthcoming state of the art program which is still in development. Combine this with the relocation of our offices and workshop and all these aspects contribute to the revamping of the business complete with an updated, modern look.

Still based in Atherton, Far North Queensland we have relocated to the new address of 20 Tolga Road, a much larger, more suitable property. HTM Complete Office front including workshop sheds This new location opens up new possibilities and enables us to cater to a much larger clientele. New packages that we have to offer combining irrigation, fertigation, spray scheduling, drones and 3D mapping all contribute to a step in the innovative direction of complete farm management. With new staff members in tow we are able to develop new areas of the business along with taking on bigger workloads while still guaranteeing excellent services and maintaining a first-rate staff and customer rapport.

With the new location comes multiple separate areas and workshops meaning we can complete all aspects of the business in a professional way. The previous property was a much smaller space with all areas cramped together whereas we now have offices separated from workshops and a brand new space available for business meetings and conferences complete with customer parking. This allows for less interruptions and noise from both workshops and enables all elements of HTM Complete to work simultaneously without distraction. HTM Complete Office internal Having two large and detached workshops means we are now able to separate the technical side of things into different areas i.e. electronics and assembly. With plenty more space for current stock we are able to cater and prepare for multiple jobs concurrently and with new staff members we able to complete this efficiently and skilfully. Separate offices for different sides of the business means clients are able to contact and consult with the correct staff members quickly and effectively and the new conference area allows both current and perspective clients to meet with staff to discuss all of their complete farm management needs. With a large TV screen and model equipment we are able to provide clients with all the information they need to know in order to start their journey into complete farm management with HTM Complete.

Accompanying the relocation is the take on of new staff members. With a new technician on board jobs can be completed to a solid time schedule and relieves the pressure from the operational manager who can focus on other aspects when needed. One of the key new elements to HTM Complete is the movement into 3D mapping with the use of drones and in order to provide the highest possible expertise we have united with new team member Richard Hopkinson who has over 8 years’ experience within the field.

This is very exciting for HTM Complete as it allows us to progress as a business and redirect into the future of complete farm management.

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