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A second project that we are particularly proud of is the continuous work we have been doing in the Burdekin Region of Queensland over the last 11 years. The work we do here is proof of the ongoing relationship we like to hold with our clients ensuring you receive the upmost in customer care.

The ambitious project involved the installation of a network of relocatable 1m tall radio transmitters linked to 85 EnvioSCAN & EnviroPro soil moisture probe units, which HTM Complete was able to successfully achieve. The project was challenging in itself purely due to the sheer size of the property and the distances in which we needed to cover. Having short crop cycles meant data needed to be in near real time and with soil types varying across the 22km radius it left the client with complicated decisions about when to irrigate and apply nutrients. Collecting continuous data at all stages of crop growth allowed HTM Complete to create seasonal benchmarks for the client’s irrigation needs. The soil moisture monitoring equipment we installed enabled farm managers to make the right decisions at the right time for specific crop growth. Therefore, by improving water use efficiency and reducing nutrient leaching in deep soil resulted in a saving of 5 megalitres/ha for the farm’s major crops, per season.

The major highlight with this project was the ability to improve the crop market target in yield and quality through efficient monitoring in both water and nutrient management.

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